Movie Poster Design

Creating a movie poster of "Pinocchio" as "thriller" was a mission of this project.

After researching I found out that a black background seems to work better for a thriller movie posters.

This kind of poster also needs light displayed in a certain way to work better, especially if the main character or the key person’s silhouette is in the dark.
More details here.

Beer Label Design

My goal was to redesign the beer label of “Pacific Pilsner” and, by following the creative brief that I was given, to give the idea of “Tradition meets exciting and fun”.

You can see more details and progress here.

Greeting Cards

Work in Progress. Coming soon!

Editorial Design

Here are 2 editorial designs!

One is a food magazine named "BUON APPETITO".

And the second one is a specimen book for the font named "Metro".

You can see more details here.